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For Apple II and Commodore 64/128 

The Challenge 

You are about to embark on many fabulous adventures. Each 
dialogue selection and action choice will lead you to a different 
plot and story line. Enjoy the animation, find all the arcade se- 
quences, solve the adventure and rack up the highest score. But 
above all, enjoy yourself for many hours to come. 

Game Description 

You are Steve Keene: Private Spy, a dashing, daring, and sometimes 
dreaded comic book character. You are master of your fate and 
whether or not you succeed at your mission depends on the actions 
you take and how you interact with the characters you meet. 

The comic book consists of two interwoven elements: animated 
frames and arcade-game sequences. 

Frames will appear on the screen one at a time. No two frames are 
alike, and each will depict Keene and his surroundings in a unique 
way. Several choices are available at your fingertips: 

a) read the dialogue and enjoy the animation, then press the fire 
button to continue with the next frame. 

b) decide what to say by using the joystick to change the dialogue 
and the fire button to choose your response. This decision may af- 
fect the course of the story. 

c) use the joystick and fire button to change a course of action and 
vary the story line. (Example: an arrow that alternates flashing in 
two different directions, one to a door, and the other to a window. 
Moving the joystick will cause the arrow to move to one of the two 
positions, and pressing the fire button will complete the selection. ) 


At some points during the adventure, a little 'watch' icon will ap- 
pear on the screen. This is an indication that the computer is think- 
ing. Have patience, computers think pretty fast. 

At certain points in the plotline, a series of frames will lead to an 
arcade game. In these, you must use the joystick and fire button to 
control Keene in one of many different scenarios. If Keene suc- 
ceeds, the story will continue as new frames appear. 

Lives & Endpoints 

If Keene makes a bad decision, the story will end. Fortunately, 
Keene is granted five lives at the start of the game. Reaching an 
endpoint will consume one of these lives. If Keene perishes in an 
arcade game sequence, he will also lose a life. If all of Keene's 
lives run out, the game is over. 

Save Came Feature 

To save an adventure in progress, type @. Follow the prompts that 
appear and the action will be saved at that point. To resume an 
adventure that has been saved, select the resume game option at 
the start. 

High Scores 

Once you have successfully navigated your way through all of the 
traps and pitfalls your score will be compared to a list of 'high 
scores' already on the disk. Good luck! 

Loading instructions 

For Apple II: 
Boot the disk labelled Side A. 

For Commodore: 
Disconnect all peripherals except one joystick plugged into port 
2 and one disk drive. Insert the game disk labelled Side A in the 
disk drive and type the following: 
LOAD "*", 8, 1 press RETURN 

Some introductory animation and a title page will appear. Press 
the fire button to start your adventure. 

Convenience & Keyboard Controls 

( " denotes a CTRL key] 


selects keyboard control 
selects joystick control 
turn sound on/off 

Keyboard equivalents for joystick control: 

move up 
move left 
move down 
move right 
fire button 

pauses game until hit again, 

For Apple II 


Space bar : 

For Commodore 64/128 
-♦-(left arrow) : pauses game until hit again 

Arcade sequence Hints 

Where needed, diagonal movements are accomplished using both 
component keys in rapid succession; for example, to produce a 
movement to the upper right, type "I" and "L" quickly. Not all 
video game sequences use (or allow) diagonal movement. 

Play quickly. Bonus lives are awarded for quick action. 



Keene is climbing on a rectangular trapeze of bars. 


To collect five keys which appear one at a time in any of the four 
corners. Each of the five keys will remove a lock from the exit gate 
at the bottom right corner. When all locks have been removed, 
Keene must move to the bottom right corner to escape. 


The bars are constantly disappearing and re-appearing; don't get 
caught holding thin air. 


Keene can move in any of the four directions: up, down, left and 



Keene has entered a subterranean river. Above him is solid rock 
containing numerous air pockets. 


Keene must swim the length of the river. 


Keene has a limited supply of air. The amount is represented by a 
bar graph on the bottom of the screen. If Keene runs out of air, he 
will drown. Air can be replenished by swimming to an air pocket. 

The river is infested with electric eels; if Keene is near one when it 
unleashes an electric charge, look out. 

A number of turtles walk along the river bed. If Keene swims too 
close to one of these, he gets nabbed. 

Some of the air pockets contain poison gas (indicated by a reddish 
tinge). If Keene inhales it, his air supply will decrease rapidly. 


Keene can move in any of eight directions, including diagonals. 



Keene is standing at the lower end of a series of corridors. Posi- 
tioned in each corridor is a power socket. 


Keene must destroy every power socket using a supply of detona- 
tion mines. 


A number of hostile robots inhabit the corridors. They move down 
the length of the corridors to deposit piles of radioactive waste in 
Keene's path. If Keene comes too close to a radioactive pile he 
will be destroyed (the piles decompose after a period of time). The 
robots also shoot, and Keene will die if he is hit by a shot. 

There are a number of different types of robots; each has different 
characteristics. One of these moves slowly and requires two mine 
hits to be destroyed. Another will occasionally stop and turn on an 
impenetrable shield. A third type will sometimes appear on the 
screen flying above the corridors. If Keene hits him, all radiation 
piles will instantly decompose. 


Keene can run left or right. Pressing the fire button will have one 
of two effects: hurling a mine, or causing a mine that is already 
moving to explode. 



Keene has climbed out the window of a building and is now stand- 
ing on a narrow ledge. A number of fire escape ladders are posi- 
tioned on the ledges which allow Keene to climb up or down. 


Keene must climb to the top of the building where he will be 
rescued by a helicopter. 


If Keene walks off the edge he will fall to his death. 

A pair of circular shaped robots fly onto the screen from time to time. 
They move vertically and hurl missiles that Keene must avoid. 


Keene can move left and right or climb up or down (if there is a 
ladder nearby). He can also jump using the fire button (to leap 
over a gap in the ledge or a missile). Positioned on some ledges 
are bricks which Keene can kick onto the robots by walking near 
the edge. 



Keene has been dropped into a vast underground cavern where 
he flies around using a jetpack. 


Keene must destroy a number of moving fire hydrants using a 
rapid-fire laser cannon, 


If Keene flies into a hydant, he will be destroyed. The hydrants re- 
lease fierce robots which fly around in the cavern pursuing and shoot- 
ing at Keene; if Keene is hit by a robot he will die. Keene can destroy 
the robots using his laser cannon. Destroying the hydrants is harder 
and takes several shots, since they have a built-in laser immunity. 

Flying robots (like the ones in the Robots game) appear from time 
to time; destroying this robot will cause all the other flying robots 
to explode as well. 


Keene can accelerate in any of eight directions. The ground pre- 
vents Keene from flying too low, and a network of girders prevents 
Keene from flying too high. 

Conveyor Belt 


Keene starts at the bottom of a network of conveyor belts. With the 
exception of the belt that Keene starts on, all belts move in one of 
two directions: clockwise or counter-clockwise. 


Keene must move from one belt to another to reach the top. 


At the top of the screen, Arlo 'Red' Spunky (the villain) sits on a 
horizontal beam where he occasionally throws a switch that 
causes all the conveyor belts to reverse their directions. If Keene is 
not prepared for a sudden change in direction, he may fall to a vat 
of vile molten liquid below. 


Keene must move from the belt where he is currently positioned to 
the next one, which will be flashing. The speed and direction of 
Keene's movements are related to those of the belt he is on. 

When Keene reaches the end of a belt, he will 'fall' off the edge 
and hopefully will land on another belt. 

Rail Car 


Keene starts at the bottom of a scaffold of rails. To the right and 
left are elevators. A series of trap doors are positioned at even in- 
tervals along the tracks. 


Keene must move along the tracks and into the elevators to be car- 
ried to the top of the scaffold. 


Sitting at the top of the scaffold is Arlo 'Red' Spunky, the villain. He 
occasionally throws one of two switches, one of which is red and the 
other blue. This causes all of the trap doors of the same color to open 
and close. If Keene is positioned above a trap door when it opens, he 
will fall. The elevator has an 'eject' mechanism which propels Keene 
out of the elevator when arriving at a new level. 


Keene can move left and right along the current rail. He can enter 
an elevator when it is at his floor. 



Keene is standing on the floor of a large warehouse filled with in- 
tricate machinery. High above, perched on a platform of bricks, 
sits Arlo 'Red' Spunky, the villain. From this vantage point, Arlo 
hurls bombs at Keene. 


Keene must use a garbage can lid (acquired somewhere among 
the debris) to deflect the bombs upwards where they will destroy 
the bricks of Arlo's platform. If all the bricks are destroyed, Arlo 
will fall. 


If a bomb hits Keene and is not deflected, it will destroy him. 

Arlo's pet, a blind rat, occasionally runs out of a drainpipe and across 
the floor. If Keene does not jump over the rat, he will be bitten. 


Keene can move left and right across the floor. Pressing the fire 
button serves two purposes: it causes Keene to jump to avoid the 
rat, and it also raises the garbage can lid over Keene's head to 
deflect the bombs. 


This game was created by Distinctive Software Inc. 

Sperling Plaza, Tower II 
385 - 6450 Roberts Street 
Burnaby, B.C. V5G 4E 1 

Design: Art: 

Don Mattrick Tony Lee 

Jeff Sember John Boechler 

Theresa Henry 
Programming: Dean Griffiths 

Jeff Sember Dave Walters 

Kevin P. Pickell 

Amory Wong Music: 

Michael S. Smithson Patrick Payne 

Allan Johanson 


Copyright© 1987 by Accolade. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be 
reproduced, transcribed, copied, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or 
machine readable form without prior written permission of Accolade, 20813 Stevens 
Creek Blvd., Cupertino, California 95014. 


Accolade makes no representations or warranties with respect to this publication or 
its contents and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or 
fitness for any particular purpose. In addition, Accolade reserves the right to revise 
this publication and to make changes from time to time in its contents without 
obligation of Accolade to notify any person of such revisions or changes. 


Comics'" is a trademark of Distinctive Software. 
Apple II is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. 

We understand your concerns about disk damage or failure. Because of this, each 
registered owner of Comics'" may purchase one backup copy for $10. Send your 
money with your registration card. Checks should be made out to Accolade 
Software. This copy is for backup purposes only and is not for resale. Your backup 
disk is covered by our limited warranty on disk media described in the back of this 

Limited Warranty for Disk Media 

Accolade warrants to the original purchaser of this computer software product that 
the recording medium on which the software programs are recorded will be free 
from defects in materials and workmanship for ninety days from the date of 
purchase. Defective media that has not been subjected to misuse, excessive wear, or 
damage due to carelessness and that is returned during that ninety day period will 
be replaced without charge. 

Following the initial ninety day warranty period, defective media will be replaced for 
a replacement fee of $10.00. 

The defective media should be returned to: 


20813 Stevens Creek Blvd., 

Cupertino, CA 95014 

(408) 446-5757 

Software Copyright 

The enclosed software program is copyrighted. It is against the law to copy any 
portion of the software on disk, cassette tape or another medium for any purpose 
otherthan personal convenience. It is againstthe law to give away or resell copies of 
any part of this software. Any unauthorized distribution of this product deprives 
Distinctive Software and their authors of their deserved profits and royalties. 
Distinctive Software will seek full legal recourse against violators.